Melodic Pianos LLC provides a full range of piano services including the following:

Standard Tune

This includes evaluation of piano condition and bringing the piano back to a standard tune. Piano should not have fallen more than 15% of a half step flat (or sharp).  For pianos that have changed more than 15%, a pitch raise is necessary for a stable tuning.

Note that I do not service roll-type player pianos.

Pitch Raise

A pitch raise is an additional “pre-tuning” necessary when a piano is more than 15% of a half step flat (or sharp). When a piano is more than 15% out of pitch, it causes extra stresses on the piano to bring the piano up to pitch so a pre-tuning is necessary to avoid string breakage or an unstable tuning. The piano is then fine-tuned as a separate step.

When a piano is severely out of tune (more than a half step), additional pre-tunings are necessary. This will be an additional price, discussed with the customer prior to any work being done.

Occasionally string breakage will occur with a pitch raise or standard tuning. The string will be replaced for an additional charge.

Cleaning Service

Pianos can be difficult to clean, especially under the strings on grand pianos.  Cleaning action parts helps pianos look and play better.  The Cleaning Service includes up to an hour of cleaning and making minor action adjustments.  The main focus of the cleaning will be inside the piano and under the strings (on grands) where the owner may not be able to reach.

Half and Full Day Service

When a piano needs multiple services, it is often more economical for the owner to pay for a block of service time than for each service individually.


Piano repairs are priced on a per-job basis. When a repair is performed without a tuning, there is a minimum charge of $125.

Service Call

Each piano is initially evaluated as to its condition and tuning stability.  On rare occasions, a piano will be determined to be not able to hold a tune, or in such poor repair that other services must be performed before a tuning can be performed.  In such cases, when I make an evaluation but do not perform a service on the piano, a standard $95 service call charge is made.

Payment Terms

Melodic Pianos LLC accepts cash, check, credit card or Venmo. A $20 charge will be assessed for all returned checks.